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Website Design

Millions of consumers today turn to the worldwide web to find services and products to use, and even more will log on in the years to come.  It is vital that your place on the web be noticeable, useful, and professional.  Consider that your website is often times the very first contact that you have with potential clients, and it needs to make a good first impression!

Designing and developing a good website is comprised of seven steps.

Step 1:  Hire an excellent designer (that’s me!)

Step 2:  Relax as I guide you through steps 3-7

Step 3:  Buy a domain and hosting package. If this sounds foreign to you, don’t worry – there are a multitude of companies out there offering these services. 

Step 4:  Decide on the look and feel of your website.  You want a site that will be as welcoming to your guests as that open door of your foyer.  Your site should also have the same branding colors, texts, and logos as your current marketing material. I can create the feel you have in mind by viewing other sites you find appealing and by reviewing the material you have on hand.

Step 5:  Determine the organization and content of your website.  Not only does your website need to look appealing, it also needs to function properly and easily for all level computer users. 

Step 6: Approve the design and wait for the site to be developed. Once you've approved the design of the site, we'll go to work constructing the framework that powers your website using WordPress. WordPress is an open-source website framework which allows you to edit your website yourself once it's been designed and developed.

Step 7:  Review, Revise, and Go Live!  Check out what the finished site looks like, scan for errors, and get it ready for the big reveal. Once all the content has been input and you've approved, the site will be posted live.

Website Makeovers

There is something immensely satisfying in taking an old, tired website and making it over to look fresh, vibrant, and progressive.  I am happy to transform your current site into a welcoming venue for visitors. 

Website Maintenance

OK, so your website is up and running, but you don't have the time or resources to keep it updated yourself. I can take care of that! Choose to purchase a yearly update plan, or just "pay as you go" for intermittent edits as they arise.

Recurring Costs?

Nope, there are none. Once your site is designed and developed, it's yours. I don't charge recurring fees unless you choose to purchase a website maintenance plan. (You will have recurring costs for the domain name and hosting with other companies.)

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